Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing

Sonic and Sega All Stars Racing is a family game and comes in different platforms. Xbox 360 that has full graphics and comes with all characters with an exlusive Banjo - Kazooie gameplay. PS3 is the same as Xbox 360 but it has no exclusive Banjo - Kazooie gameplay. Nintendo Wii is the same as PS3 but only it has poor graphics. And Nintendo DS has not only poor graphics but it has poor race track design and the racers that is supposed to have more than one person inside the veichle now only has one person so it has a strict one person inside veichle policy.


The gameplay is average, when theres a bend you have to drift like your taught in the test drive and when you pause there's a menu. It says:


Change Controls


Continue makes you continue the race. Change Controls makes you change the controls so it makes it easier for you to play. Quit makes you go back to the main menu. When you go through an item box you get an item or power up comes.

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